Auburn Bike Park needs your support/comments by July 3 to fend off unfounded legal action!

PLEASE send ARD’s Kahl Muscott ( your comments of support as soon as possible. We have until July 3rd. An unfounded legal action is threatening its development!
‎Scott Holbrook‎ to Auburn, CA
Auburn Pike Park website
ARD along with many local citizens, businesses and organizations are working to bring a Bike Park to Auburn, it would be part of the Canyon View property, across the street from the PCWA Industrial Plant at the bottom of Maidu – This has been going on for 3 years – there have been ARD Meetings, stories in the Journal, it has been the subject of many fundraisers including 3 Food Truck Fiestas that heavily advertised the Pump Track and even included a sample of what that is (Thanks to the volunteers I believe over $100,000 has been raised) – this is NOT a BMX park, this is NOT going to be a lighted facility – it is a Skills area & Pump Track facility, it is primarily designed for the kids – it is NOT a place where punks may hang out, it is more for families and kids – NO homes could even see this facility…. alas last night we were threatened with legal action, accused of not notifying the public, also gave many other misleading or false accusations – You would think we were putting in a Lit Skate Park / Music Amphitheater complete with a 24 hour 7-11. All I could think of was the Music Man – we got trouble, right here in River City…. I tell you with attitudes like this there would be NO playgrounds, baseball fields, swimming pools, gyms….. – There was a time when the community would unite to build parks and places for the families and kids (I still think the vast majority here do so) – This is a low impact, rubber on dirt facility, that will do less damage than others who use the trails, this is a family friendly facility heavily funded by donations – that has been going on for 4 years now… I DO encourage community comments, and input, and of course support.