Auburn Endurance Challenge 100

Updated 12/15/2016; please check back for updates.


100 Miles of Distance or 100 Hours of Aerobic Activity


Presented by the City of Auburn’s  Endurance Capital of the World Committee,
Auburn Fit, Placer Co. Visitors Center, and Auburn Recreation District

Get Auburn Moving!

Auburn officially adopted its tagline, “Endurance Capital of the World” in 2003. It recognizes Auburn as the home of many world-class events and athletes, and especially our 100-mile signature events: the Tevis Cup and the Western States Endurance Run. Auburn’s healthy environment is the primary reason why these amazing activities take place here and why extraordinary athletes live here (or wished they did!). Recognizing all this, the Auburn City Council created the Auburn Endurance Capital of the World (AECW) Committee to improve awareness of our city as a healthy place to live, and to promote its many options for living a healthy lifestyle.The AECW Committee members understand that not everyone wants to try to tackle the 100 mile distance in one day or perform 100 consecutive hours of aerobic activity! Since many of us can accomplish this in one year, the Committee developed the Auburn Endurance Challenge 100 to bring a realistic goal into a fitness program. In so doing we hope to introduce our community to all that Auburn offers to achieve a healthy lifestyle: our wonderful City, its nearby trails and parks, and its abundance of fitness-related organizations and businesses. We hope the Auburn Endurance Challenge 100 will provide you with a fun and unique incentive to “get moving”!

How to Participate

It’s FREE! After you have decided upon the type of activity you wish to do, just choose one of the three options below to begin.

    • CLICK HERE to download your Auburn Endurance Challenge 100 brochure/activity log. Print it out, read the details, and you are ready to start!
    • Pick up your Auburn Endurance Challenge 100 brochure/activity log at one of our conveniently located AEC100 Partners, listed to the right in alphabetical order (or scroll down, depending on the width of your device). We will continue to add the names and addresses of our Partners here as they join us.
    • A paperless option for recording your data is available online at Click here to access the Strava Auburn Endurance Challenge page and sign up!
    • NEW for the Challenge, added in September 2016: complete a second challenge of 100 hours or miles and receive a baseball hat embroidered with the Auburn Endurance Capital logo!

Your Rewards!


    • The BEST reward is knowing that, by completing your 100 miles of distance or 100 hours of aerobic activity, you are on the way to new levels of health and fitness!
    • When you complete your first or second Challenge, visit one of the three locations below to turn in your log and pick up your quality, 28-oz. water bottle and/or your second Challenge accomplishment award – your Endurance Capital logo baseball hat!
      • Auburn Fit, 120 Cleveland St., Auburn, CA 95603
      • Auburn Recreation District Office, 123 Recreation Drive
        Auburn, CA 95603; open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm, ; (530) 885-8461
      • Placer Co. Visitors’ Center, 1103 High Street, Auburn, CA 95603; open Monday-Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; 530-887-2111 or 866 752-2371
      • Submit your completed 100-hours or 100-miles brochure(s) activity log to a staff person at one of the above locations. For your online activity log: take your smart phone or your username/password to the staff person at ARD or PVC, and either show them your data on your smart phone or have the staff person confirm your accomplishment online.
      • You will be presented with your top-quality, customized, 28-oz. water bottleand/or your Endurance Capital logo baseball hat.
  • Your completed log will be entered into a year-end raffle for some cool prizes.

Rules (just a few…)

  • Record only those miles or hours you have achieved after signing up.
  • All 100 miles or hours must be completed within one year of your sign up date.
  • People who achieve several 100-mile distances or 100-hour activities within one year will receive for an award for each.
  • This is an honor system program – only you will know if your data is correct. It is always to your benefit to have extra time or distance rather than less.
  • Before starting your Challenge, consult with your physician, explain your plan to begin this program, and follow the instructions your physician gives you.


  • Start your program slowly. There is no rush – you have all year! Doing too much too soon is liable to cause discomfort, or even worse, injury. You may become discouraged and not continue.
  • Get together with some friends and do your Challenge together. Company is one of the best incentives to stick with a fitness program.
  • Be sure you have the proper clothing, shoes and equipment.
  • Consider finding a qualified instructor to assist you with your program. Performing your activity correctly will enhance the fitness benefits you will receive.
  • If you are going to venture onto our local trails, be sure you plan carefully by checking out maps, the terrain, the weather, and advice from others. Click here for the many maps and safety/trail etiquette tips available on this website.
Three locations where you can turn in your completed log to receive your water bottle or hat.

  • Auburn Fit, 140 Cleveland St., Auburn; 530-305-3415

Locations where you can pick up a brochure with the Auburn Endurance Challenge details and log for recording your hours or distances.