Trail Usage and Safety Updates

Auburn State Recreation Area Trail Usage and Safety Updates

Trail usage in the ASRA

Connector Trail


The City of Auburn’s Endurance    Capital    Committee 2013-2014 Workplan included addressing Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) increasing popularity and the resulting trail usage and safety issues. To that end the ECC hosted    public    meetings    in    September and    October    2013    with    the    following    mission: To    develop    a    plan    to    present    to    the    ASRA    administrators    that    will    enhance the usage experiences of Auburn    State    Recreation    Area’s    trail    users    (pedestrians,    mountain    bike    riders,    and equestrians)    with    respect    and    safety for all. Additional information concerning this project can be found here.


“ASRA Trail Etiquette and Safety Manual Draft” with “This is a work in progress and we would like you to help. Please submit your suggestions.”


“Documents related to ASRA Trail Usage and Safety Plans”

“Summary of Subcommittee Meetings from November and December”